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Corporate Social Responsibility

Amecath is committed to be a good corporate citizen in every aspect of the term. We live a corporate culture that demands and supports strictly ethical behavior, diversity and equal payment, a safe working environment and community engagement.

Amecath installed a “reduce, reuse, recycle” program in 2017.  In particular, This program reduces the amount of plastic waste. Process control has been implemented to decrease production and other waste. Since the Amecath began the reduction, reuse, recycle program in 2017, waste of production was decreased significantly by more than 40%, producing hazardous waste of 305 kg and non-hazardous waste of 3,976 kg as a total in 2018. Water consumption decreased by 57% to 12,437 m3, verses a yearly target of a 2% reduction, wastewater discharge was within the regulated limits.  The consumption of electricity slightly increased due to an increase of production capacity.

Amecath has established a three years “Brotherhood agreement” with Abo Twala village where most of their employees are living.  As part of this agreement, Amecath implemented social projects in Abo Twala village, such as building a public library and a water filtering station. In 2018, Amecath donated 10,000 man-hours as a pro bono volunteering time for environmental “clean-up days” and other community activities.