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Corporate Social Responsibility

Amecath is committed to be a good corporate citizen in every aspect of the term. We live a corporate culture that demands and supports strictly ethical behavior, diversity and equal payment, a safe working environment and community engagement. Nine audits covering labor issues were conducted in 2017; five by the Egypt Social Security Office, and four by the Labor Office. No significant issues were identified.

We achieved a decrease in plastic waste by 9% from 2016, electricity consumption decreased by 2% from 2016 and water consumption decreased by 64% from 2016.

Additionally, Amecath has established a three year “Brotherhood agreement” with Abo Twala village, the village where many of our employees live. As part of this agreement, Amecath employees run social projects in the village, such as building a public library and running environmental “clean-up days”. In 2017, our staff donated 10,000 person-hours of pro bono volunteer time to these projects.